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    • Specs & Accessories
Also available Tea Push!
Cafe Push!

A New Concept in Brewing
a Great Cup of Coffee

  • No Paper Filters
  • Steep Fully and Release at Once
  • Enjoy an Aroma Rich Cup of Coffee
  • Total Control of Steeping Time
  • Fits on Most Cups and Mugs

The coffee’s deep flavor and essential oil is usually trapped and makes coffee tasting light in a typical quick drip style brewing method. On the other hand, the French press method is ideal in this regard, but its sometimes messy and gives a coffee some gritty feel.

Café Push! is the answer. It’s easy to use, cleans easily, filter is super fine, and it doesn’t use any paper filter. So it’s easy on the environment too.

Cafe Push! combines the best aspect of two of the most popular coffee Brewing method, French Press and Drip style. It gives you the control of brewing time, the ease and flexibility of drip method. Built-in stainless steel permanent filter eliminates the need for paper filters.

Versatile and Flexible

with your favorite mug

with your pot

with your to go mug

Fit on the most cups, mugs and pots. (Diameter: 2” ~ 4”)
*may not fit with non round surface or tilted surface

Use Café Push! Heat-Resistance Glass Pot and enjoy aroma filled rapid cooled iced coffee

Click here for “How to Make Rapid Cooled Iced Coffee”

Attention to Details

The grooves on the bottom side grip the edge of mugs and tamblers, so that it won’t slide off during the operation.

The main body of Café Push! is made of polypropylene which is temperature resistant, safe for everyday use and breakage resistant.

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Cafe Push!and its related products are designed and manufactured byMacMa Japan.com